Daily Archives: March 30, 2011

Australian Government is Investing its Money in Tobacco Companies

Australia that is known for its plan to implement one of the severe anti-smoking law in the world, invested $147.7 million in shares of australian dollartobacco manufacturers, as for instance British American Tobacco (BAT) in order to pay for the politicians’ retirement.

Babies Who Sleep With Smoker Parents Exhibit High Nicotine Levels

“Passive smoking is the leading preventable cause of childhood death in developed countries”, Guadalupe Ortega, lead author of the research study and coordinator of the Atencio Primaria Sense Fum programme at the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Cataluna (Catalonia regional government) tells SINC.

Illinois House votes to lift casino smoking ban

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois House voted Tuesday to lift a smoking ban in all of the state’s casinos during a debate that pitted the tobacco in Casinohealth of bettors and casino workers against hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenues.