DOD Representatives Call Military Men to Stop Smoking

From year to year, more than a million of people successfully stopped smoking, and Defense Department representatives wish that Military Men Smokingmore military men constitute a part of that number in 2011.

“Traditionally before New Year we are asking our active-duty and retiree military men and their families to make a resolution to kick the habit. Smoking aggravates military readiness and leads to unpleasant health problems, that is why New Year is a best time to promise to stop smoking,” stated Navy Cmdr. Aileen Buckler, the chair of the DOD Alcohol and Tobacco Advisory Committee. ”

It was proved that people are 10 times more likely to obtain success in behavior change when complying with resolution. New Year seems to be the best opportunity to start changing ones own life for the better and thus quitting this dangerous habit.

“Making a resolution to stop smoking is just the beginning of this not so easy road. Developing strategic projects which will help to overcome all difficulties and do not go astray is the best way to achieve positive results in this field. DOD has elaborated a comprehensive set of rules and a support system in order to help people to follow through their New Year’s resolution,” Dr. Buckler stated.

Dr. Buckler mentioned several TRICARE (TRICARE is DOD’s operated health services) resources, including “Quit Tobacco - Make Everyone Proud,” DOD’s tobacco cessation campaign.

On the campaign’s website one can find an online support system that has several quit tools, Self-Assessment Questionnaires and other options. The given support system demonstrates military men how to create adjustable quit plan with a calendar mark progresses and how to overcome addiction and cope with consequences of nicotine withdrawal.

The site also proposes live help, where everyone can find answers to questions about quitting smoking and how to get rid of this harmful habit. New Year’s resolutions page can be also found on the website, where those who want to kick the habit can post their resolutions. All smoking cessation materials can be found for free for healthcare professionals and other individuals
to order or download to help promote events.

Subscribers of the DOD website may sign up to in order to receive quit advices through text messages. Visitors of the site can also find medication information, various news articles, podcasts and many other things.

All non-Medicare beneficiaries may receive help on smoking cessation via TRICARE’s toll free smoking help line. Toll-free number is available on a 24-hour basis.

“We are ready to help all active-duty and retiree military men of our armed services and those who are close to them to start a healthier life where tobacco products won’t be present,” Dr. Buckler concluded.

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