Spain Plans To Close Restaurants That Infringe Smoking Ban

A restaurant that infringes Spain’s new law prohibiting smoking in bars and other canteens will be closed, according to government restaurants smoking banofficials.

Anti-smoking officials accompanied by police officers will visit the restaurant in the resort town of Marbella and require it to observe the law or close it for two months, according to Andalusian Health Minister Maria Jesus Montero.

But the manager Javier Milla stated that the Asador Guadalmina restaurant will not keep the law and wants to continue allowing customers smoke. The law that imposes stricter restrictions on smoking in public places was adopted on January, 2. Jose Camison the owner of Asador Guadalmina has been the law’s most evident infringer.

Milla stated that the law is affecting the sector and is unconstitutional. It doesn’t have any sense for the government to supervise tobacco sales in Spain and then not permit people to smoke it in some places. Probably the best idea would be to set aside nonsmoking sections in restaurants and bars. “My customers thank us all the time for allowing them smoke. Even know there are about 10 people smoking in the restaurants,” Milla stated. The Andalusian government issued a fine of euro145, 000 ($200,000) against this restaurant, but Arias Camison declared that he wont pay it. “We will fight until the end. I throw down the glove to the Health Ministry.”

Spain’s main restaurant has foretold that the law will cause 145,000 lost jobs and a 10% drop in profit for the sector, but the Health Ministry stated that similar laws implemented in Italy, France and Britain didn’t affect business. The given law has made Spain a stricter place to smoke than many EU countries where restaurants and bars are still permitted to have specially designed smoking areas. It also bans smoking in outdoor places such as playgrounds territories near schools and hospitals.

The previous Spain’s anti-smoking law adopted in 2006, and targeted at eradicating smoking and smoking-related diseases and deaths prohibited smoking in the workplace, and workers are often seen smoking outside their offices. Many critics named it a failure most of all because it permitted most bar and restaurants owners to decide whether to allow smoking or not, and of course the majority permitted it.

From now on bar and cafes owners will lose this privilege, and larger restaurants that have separate smoking areas will have to remove them. Government officials forecast that thousands of lives that would have been affected by smoking and secondhand smoke will now be saved.

2 responses to “Spain Plans To Close Restaurants That Infringe Smoking Ban

  1. Michael Johnson

    I have to agree with the officials I think it id definitely worth the lives saved. If you have already been told that you cannot smoke at an establishment then you should not willingly go forth and break those rules.. It is not right to those who did not ask for the lung cancer a smoker is offering..

  2. It amazes me that despite all the evidence showing the dangers of tobacco some people bury their heads in the sand over it. A lot of people will much prefer to go out to a restaurant where smoking isn’t allowed, so those who obey the rules will benefit by increased business.

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