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Rolling back state smoking ban would be a first in U.S.

Springfield, Ill. — The Illinois House’s vote last week to exempt casinos from the 2008 Smoke Free Illinois Act could lead to a first in Smoking banthe nation’s history - the first time a state has weakened a statewide smoking ban.

Nazis wanted to use poisoned cigarettes

London - Released files from MI5 reveal that the Nazi Party tried to create poisoned cigarettes, chocolates, coffee, sausages and Naziswhisky against Allied leaders in order to win WWII. It has also been discovered that a Fourth Reich was planned following the war.
During World War Two, it was disclosed in the book “The Belarus Secret” that Nazi germ warfare scientists had experimented with poisonous ticks that would have been dropped from planes in order to spread extraordinary diseases. It never came to fruition, though.

China Has Serious Smoking Problems

One state agency is trying to make people stop smoking while another wants to draw then to smoke. china smokers