Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

Researchers fret over popularity of hookah smoking

Young Americans are smoking fewer cigarettes, but researchers say that progress is threatened by an increasingly popular cultural hookah smokingimport - the tall, ornate water pipe known as the hookah.

British American to Market Tobacco-Free Nicotine Products

British American Tobacco BTI will develop tobacco-free nicotine products at its newly created Nicoventures unit in BATan attempt to retain revenue from smokers who wish to quit on health grounds. We regard the move as a hedge against declining rates of smoking in developed markets, and we expect the new unit to remain a very small piece of British American’s top line for several years. Although we think British American is a solid business, we think the stock’s recent rally has overshot the intrinsic value of the firm, and we recommend value investors look to Imperial Tobacco ITYBY for value in the tobacco industry.

Raising tobacco taxes to reduce consumption

Article Six of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) of the World Health Organization requires that Parties to thecigarette
treaty consider tax policies and price polices as a part of their overall national health policy and recommends that governments raise tobacco taxes to reduce tobacco consumption as far as possible.

A Cigarette for 75 Cents: The Brisk, Shady Sale of ‘Loosies’

By 8:30 a.m., amid the procession of sleepy-eyed office workers and addicts from the nearby methadone clinic, Lonnie Loosie plants street cigarettes salehimself in the middle of the sidewalk on Eighth Avenue in Midtown. Addressing no one in particular, he calls out his one-size-fits-all greeting: “Newports, Newports, packs and loosies.”