Daily Archives: April 19, 2011

Producing safer tobacco critical in capturing foreign markets

The rapid growth of middle classes in China, India and other countries over the past few years has opened up new markets for Southeastern tobacco.

Government Railroading us on Tobacco Related Diseases

Tobacco companies need to sue both the Federal government and all state governments for not holding true to their promise to use the money from the Tobacco Settlements for health and related issues. As it is, states are spending most of the money on other, non-tobacco related projects and debts and very little is even going to health related programs and cessation.

Raise age to buy cigarettes to 21

According to “Monitoring the Future,” the University of Michigan’s annual survey of the nation’s adolescents, in 2006, about one-fifth of U.S. high school seniors smoked at least monthly, down from more than a third who did so in 1996. But in the past few years, that figure has not continued its steady drop.

Was the U.S. government supplying guns to Mexico’s drug cartels?

SAN DIEGO — Mission un-accomplished. I thought the goal of federal law enforcement officials was to keep guns out of Mexico and away from drug traffickers, not help them get in.

Activists wield Disabilities Act in fight for smoke-free casinos

The latest skirmish in the battle to ban smoking in Nevada casinos is emerging around a little-discussed area of law more commonly associated with wheelchair ramps and handicap-accessible restrooms.