Daily Archives: April 21, 2011

Vermont Going in the Wrong Direction on Tobacco Taxation

For the most part, the constant upward pressure on cigarette taxes in the Northeast has subsided, as states have consistently failed to realize expected revenue gains. A number of states are even moving to cut these excise taxes to lure consumers that have begun to purchase contraband cigarettes or migrated to lower-tax jurisdictions. Credible proposals exist in New Hampshire, New Jersey and Rhode Island, while Maine Gov. Paul LePage campaigned on a promise to cut tobacco taxes.

State Collects About $100M In Tobacco Settlement

Attorney General Jack Conway announced Wednesday that Kentucky, as required under the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement Attorney General Jack Conway (MSA) between the major tobacco manufacturers and 52 states and territories, received its annual payment of nearly $100 million in tobacco settlement money this week.

Altria Reports In Line

Altria Group Inc. , the manufacturer and seller of cigarettes, wine and other tobacco products, reported results for the first quarter of fiscal 2011.

Downside of social marketing

CAN the tobacco industry be trusted to educate our children about the dangers of smoking?beer production

Bismarck voters approve smoking ban but no smoke huts

Bismarck voters said no to smoking on Tuesday.