Daily Archives: April 26, 2011

Partial smoking ban on Atlantic City casino floors has little effect

ATLANTIC CITY — Anyone hoping to gamble in a nonsmoking section at one of the Trump casinos earlier this month might have had atlantic city skylineto climb on top of a slot machine or sit in the center of a blackjack table.

Sparrow will test for tobacco use for new hires only

Sparrow Health System’s website lists 190 job openings, but don’t bother applying for them if you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco.

San Francisco considers banning e-cigarettes

Tobacco firms used diet-aid chemicals

British and American tobacco companies deliberately added powerful appetite-suppressing chemicals to cigarettes to attract people mossworried about their weight, according to internal industry documents dating from 1949 to 1999. Chemical additives are just one of several strategies successfully used by tobacco companies over the past 50 years to convince people that smoking makes you thin.

Drug store tobacco bans gain traction

The pace of Massachusetts cities and towns banning tobacco sales at pharmacies appears to be accelerating: Of nine such bans that have taken effect since early 2009, four began this year, and more are under consideration.