Bismarck now officially bans smoking in bars, truck stops

Bismarck’s bars, truck stops and tobacco shops are now officially smoke-free.City Bar

The Bismarck City Commission accepted the April 19 special election results that put the ban into effect and set its start at 1 a.m. today, after the bars closed.

Final election results were:

— 5,282 voted to ban smoking and 3,563 voted no.

— 4,490 voted not to allow smoking huts and to ban smoking and 4,294 favored allowing smoking huts and banning smoking.

— 4,467 opposed using city sales tax money to pay for the special election while 4,187 favored it.

Some of opponents of the ban argued this week that the wording on the second ballot item confused voters because it mentioned both allowing smoking huts and repeated the smoking ban language.

No legal challenge came before the commission Tuesday to stop the ban.

The smoking ban was passed by the City Commission in late August and was scheduled to start last November. Bar workers filed petitions to put it to a vote, and the ban was suspended until the outcome of the election.

Audience member Rob Dickson said the wording on the second ballot was misleading and was “throwing people off and is unfair.”

Mayor John Warford said the ballot was written correctly under the legal requirements for referendums. After further discussion, the commission approved the election results with a 4-0 vote and set the start of the ban. Commissioner Mike Seminary was absent.

By LeAnn Eckroth, 250-8264, [email protected]

3 responses to “Bismarck now officially bans smoking in bars, truck stops

  1. You do realize that it’s smokers like you with that kind of attitude that made this an issue in the first place don’t you?

    There’s plenty of considerate smokers who try and keep their smoke away from non-smokers that I feel bad for. But then there’s those, which you seem to be part of that just let their smoke go wherever and bother whoever with no concern for other’s well-being. If more smokers were like the first group there would be a lot fewer smoking bans in this country.

    Just an FYI there’s 26 states that have a smoking ban in most public places. So Bismarck isn’t a unique place it’s just finally catching up to whats been happening elsewhere.

  2. Just hope those same buses that transported all those elderly folk to the polling stations run on Friday and Saturday nights to get those senior citizens out to play bingo!

    Drink up all you whiney non-smokers! Bismarck needs some new faces in the drunk tank! And enjoy the puff of poison i’m gonna make you walk through to get in the front door.

  3. I bet this is what it was like back than when they abolished slavery! HA! Ohhhh no one is forcing me to have slaves. Im being hurt because Jim Fred has two slaves that work day and night for nothing. You people are dumb. Grow up! It’s called DEMOCRACY!! It’s been working ever since this great country came about! If you don’t like it, move to China. I hear their Government really gets stuff done, except for the fact that you can’t have any girls when you have kids, and that you are told what job and what wage you’ll be getting, ect. Grow up or shut up.

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