Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

Upper West Side Condo Votes to Ban Smoking

NEW YORK CITY’S smoking ban spreads from bars and restaurants to parks and beaches Monday, and now one condominium on the smokingbanUpper West Side has taken the step of prohibiting residents from smoking inside their apartments.

If e-cigarettes aren’t harmful, then prove it

In 2005, Washington voters overwhelmingly passed the Smoking in Public Places Act to protect our residents from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke in public places and places of employment. While the benefits of this law are great, it came long after the health effects of secondhand smoke (death, disability and economic impacts) were well documented.

DOH and WHO release recommendations on tobacco control‏

MANILA, - The Department of Health (DOH) released on Thursday recommendations in addressing tobacco problems, which kill approximately 87,600 Filipinos per year and cost over P148 billion a year in economic losses due to illness and health.

Tobacco companies employ dark marketing

Tobacco companies skirt ad bans with sneaky marketing tactics.