Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

Legislative audit is critical of Virginia’s tobacco commission

RICHMOND — A tobacco commission created to dole out hundreds of millions of dollars in Virginia’s most economically depressed areas spent too much money on projects that did not generate jobs or boost salaries, according to a critical legislative audit released Monday.

Nicotine without the smoke

Anti-smoking groups worry that smokeless tobacco products will exacerbate a public health problem.

Spanish cigarette price war burns £100m hole in Imperial profits

Imperial Tobacco is facing a £100m profits hit as a result of a cigarette price war, tax increases and a smoking ban in Spain.

Native Americans’ unfiltered business success at risk

From Salamanca to the St. Lawrence River, and from Long Island to Niagara Falls, if you want cigarettes at a fraction of the regular cigspackprice, you go to a Native American reservation.

Tobacco in Zimbabwe makes a recovery

HARARE - The bids of buyers and sellers echoed loudly across the massive Tobacco Sales Floor in Willowvale as 2,800 bales were sold. This has been widely acclaimed as a 10-year record. But before the disastrous land “reform” engineered by Zanu (PF) using party thugs in a desperate attempt to stay in power, 18,000 bales were routinely sold every day.