Daily Archives: July 8, 2011

Australia Brings Tobacco Legislation to Parliament

SYDNEY—Australia’s government introduced into parliament new laws banning advertisements on cigarette packets Wednesday, setting up a legal battle against the world’s biggest tobacco companies.

WHO urges more countries to require graphic health warnings on tobacco packaging

GENEVA | Montevideo - More than one billion people in 19 countries are now covered by laws requiring large, graphic health warnings on packages of tobacco, nearly double the number of two years ago, when only about 547 million people were covered in 16 countries, WHO reports today in its third periodic report on the global tobacco epidemic.

Cigarette marketing targets African-American youths

The leading menthol cigarette manufacturer in the United States may be targeting its advertisement campaigns toward African Americans youths, according to a School of Medicine study recently published in the Nicotine and Tobacco Research journal.

A Safer Alternative to Cigarettes?

A British inventor has come up with a so-called “safe” cigarette: It’s a nicotine inhaler shaped like a cigarette that delivers doses of the addictive chemical equal to those of cigarettes. Unlike the real things, though, it doesn’t contain tobacco or burn when you puff it, so it doesn’t pollute the lungs with carcinogenic tar.