Daily Archives: July 12, 2011

Abra benefits from Virginia tobacco production

MANUEL Dizon, 61 years old and dapper, sat in a wooden chair inside their farm house in Barangay Villavieja, Pilar, Abra. He lifted a dried tobacco leaf, rolled it into a cigar as we talked.

The boomerang effect of banning tobacco products

Various civil organizations have been banning the sale and use of tobacco products. Chewing or smoking tobacco is a confirmed health hazard and it has been established that use of tobacco is related to lung and oral cancer.

Can a Little Lawsuit Shut Down a Big Tobacco Racket?

Coming soon to a courtroom near you: Bambi meets Godzilla. This week, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market advocacy group in Washington, filed suit in federal court to challenge the constitutionality of the massive and fantastically lucrative 1998 Master Settlement Agreement—otherwise known as the Tobacco Deal. Arrayed against the suit’s five plaintiffs (several small tobacco companies and distributors, plus a discount tobacco store and a smoker) will be Big Tobacco, the state attorneys general, a host of public-health organizations, and probably most of the mainstream media. Other than that, it’s a fair fight.

Minding manners at Beirut’s cigar bars

BEIRUT: Don’t clench it between your teeth. Do take a puff no more than twice a minute. Don’t ask anyone else for a light. This Beirut-cigarshould be a personal affair. Thus wrote Zino Davidoff in his 1967 protocol for cigar connoisseurs.