Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

Revision of tobacco products directive not likely before 2012

Revision of Directive 2001/37/EC on the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products is likely to be a difficult exercise, as evidenced by the lunch-debate, held on 12 July, at the invitation of MEP Csaba Tabajdi (S&D, Hungary). Two opposing views clashed, although the tobacco industry (as such) was not represented: on one side, tobacco growers urged decision makers to avoid any disproportionate measures that might have an impact on jobs and on the industry’s earnings, and on the other, anti-tobacco organisations denounced tobacco’s effects on health.

California’s adult smoking rate at a record low

California’s numbers are down, but this time it’s a good thing. The state’s adult smoking rate is at a record low, with just 11.9 percent of adults lighting up.