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Electronic Cigarettes Revisted: Public Health and Medical Opinion

A few weeks ago I posted a little essay here on “electronic cigarettes,” alleging that this relatively new nicotine delivery device might be more dangerous in various ways than some of the aggressive marketing of “e-cigs” might portray. Given the nefarious history of tobacco and smoking wars in this country and beyond, that one seemed fairly innocuous at the time.

State launches crackdown on reservation cigarettes

ALBANY — The state has begun a crackdown on tax-free sales of cigarettes by American Indian retailers, including seizure of thousands of tobacco products in recent weeks and secret surveillance of reservation smoke shops, officials of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s administration Wednesday told The Buffalo News.

Would Raising the Cigarette Tax Help Japan’s Reconstruction Costs?

Hiking tax on tobacco and liquor is addictive in Japan. It’s also an easier option for politicians, who would receive a tongue-lashing for hiking key taxes – income tax, consumption tax and corporate tax.

Navajo lawmakers take up smoking ban measure

Navajo lawmakers are revisiting a smoking ban on the reservation with a bill that would exempt tribal casinos at least until their financing debts are paid off.