Daily Archives: July 28, 2011

Ontario takes action to help the millions who continue to smoke

The Hamilton Academy of Medicine congratulates the Ontario government for its decision to fund smoking cessation medications as part of the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan, effective August 4. This is an essential element of a comprehensive anti-smoking strategy that includes prevention programs, counseling and support, and tough tobacco control measures.

Slow recovery for Zimbabwe tobacco

Sales of tobacco have fetched US$345.2 million (R2.4 billion) in Zimbabwe so far this year, with a seasonal average of US$2.78 a tobacco zimbabwekilogram.

San Antonio Housing Authority to ban smoking indoors and outdoor

To the list of places where smokers no longer will be able to light up — government buildings, parks, restaurants and bars — public housing residents in San Antonio soon will add one more: their own homes.

Something new from an old flame

Faced with a growing crackdown on smoking, the iconic lighter brand is using its rugged, adventurous but trusted characteristics toscene-with-Zippo extend its product lines.