Daily Archives: August 1, 2011

Study Says Internet is Like Cigarettes

A study which challenged adults to go without the Internet for one day shows that 53 percent felt “upset” when they couldn’t internetaccess the Internet for a period of time. A small UK behavioral research firm, Intersperience, conducted a study on how humans deal with the absence of the “I” word, and found that without the Internet, 40 percent of participants felt “lonely.”

A legal history of smoking in Canada

Smoking and tobacco laws in Canada have changed considerably over the last century. Here is a look at some key points in the evolution of smokingpacksmoking legislation.

Tobacco Farmers in Transition to Sustainability

As the American tobacco industry has fallen with the overwhelming evidence of smoking’s negative health implications, the rise in international tobacco production competition, the mounting social taboo of smoking, as well a shift away from the government’s Depression-era tobacco quota system of subsidies, tobacco farmers have had to come up with new ways to earn a living. This situation has, ironically, constructively contributed to the sustainable agriculture movement, causing some tobacco farmers to convert their land and livelihoods into more sustainable enterprises that move away from growing tobacco.

A New Hampshire Giveaway to Big Tobacco

When the New Hampshire Legislature cut the state’s cigarette tax by 10 cents a pack, effective July 1, it was touted as a way to boost the state’s economy by reducing cigarette prices and attracting smokers from neighboring states.