Daily Archives: August 24, 2011

Russia launches massive campaign to isolate smokers

An open public debate on the bill of the Health Ministry “On protection of human health from the consequences of tobacco consumption” started in Russia. The project was developed in connection with the accession of the Russian Federation to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. It will also fulfill the government’s Action Plan on implementation of the concept of public policy on combating tobacco consumption in 2010-2015.

Court deals new blow to tobacco giants over plain packaging battle in Australia

THE Federal Court has struck a major blow to the big tobacco companies trying to stop plain packaging legislation, with a judgment cigarettestoday dismissing British American Tobacco’s attempts to gain secret government legal advice on the controversial measures.

Extreme negative anti-smoking ads can backfire

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Health communicators have long searched for the most effective ways to convince smokers to quit. Now, University of Missouri researchers have found that using a combination of disturbing images and threatening messages to prevent smoking is not effective and could potentially cause an unexpected reaction.

Government subsidies to the top-grossing US films that contain smoking

Governments in the UK, US and Canada are undermining tobacco prevention campaigns by subsidising top-grossing US films that contain smoking, a report by public health researchers says. The paper, published in the open access journal PLoS Medicine, argues that films with tobacco imagery should be ineligible for public funding to ensure that film subsidy programmes do not conflict with public health goals.