Daily Archives: September 6, 2011

WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic, 2011

Tobacco use continues to be the leading global cause of preventable death. It kills nearly 6 million people and causes hundreds of billions of dollars of economic damage worldwide each year. Most of these deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, and this disparity is expected to widen further over the next several decades. If current trends continue, by 2030 tobacco will kill more than 8 million people worldwide each year, with 80% of these premature deaths among people living in low- and middle-income countries. Over the course of the 21st century, tobacco use could kill a billion people or more unless urgent action is taken.

Australian plan to stub out tobacco brands sparks resistance

Tobacco corporation Philip Morris has launched a lawsuit against the Australian government in response to plans that could lead to a ‘de-branding’ of cigarette packaging. The plans, unveiled as part of an ongoing Australian campaign to build awareness of health issues around smoking, would force all manufacturers to sell their products in identical, olive-green packets. No logos or other visual cues for brand distinction will be allowed on the proposed cartons – instead, they will feature photographic images of smoking-related diseases.

Are lawmakers smoking out tobacco brands?

Australia faces some imposing legal hurdles in its attempt to ban tobacco trademarks. However, as Matt Packer writes, this has not stopped other countries from thinking about extinguishing them.