Daily Archives: September 15, 2011

Try smokeless nicotine cigarettes, says government

The government’s “nudge unit” wants to encourage the use of smokeless nicotine cigarettes, banned in many countries around the world, in an attempt to reduce the numbers killed in the UK by smoking diseases each year.

U.S. seeks to ban electronic cigarettes on airplanes

The Department of Transportation has proposed a federal rule that would explicitly ban electronic cigarettes on all domestic and international commercial flights in the U.S.

Global Community to Accelerate Action Against Tobacco Smoking

Washington — In a special session of the U.N. General Assembly September 19-20, the world community is expected to agree on an “action-oriented” plan for combating noncommunicable diseases (NCD). According to a State Department official, the plan is expected to have an emphasis on healthy lifestyles as the key step in prevention of these disorders, which include cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancer and diabetes.

Philadelphia proposes mandating antismoking ads at retail counters where tobacco is sold

One might think that smoking bans in city parks and that graphic cigarette-pack labels coming from Washington represent the extreme of government meddling.