Daily Archives: October 7, 2011

Australia seeks world backing on tobacco legal fight

CANBERRA - Australia is confident the world’s toughest anti-tobacco laws will soon pass parliament, but the government warned on Thursday that the anti-smoking fight was not over and urged other nations to reject a possible WTO challenge backed by big tobacco.

Antismoking proposals in Japan are stubbed out by the government-big business alliance

For Japanese fashion designer Juri Satou, who recently moved to New York City, recently-passed laws there banning smoking in city Tobacco-Nanka-Su-Monkeyparks, beaches, and other public spaces took her by surprise. “Lots of people ignore the laws, risking the $50 fine,” she told Metropolis. “Anyway, you can smoke when you’re walking on the street. It’s strange! But for me, the most annoying thing is that I can’t smoke in nightclubs.”

New Jersey considers new taxes on alternative tobacco products

Little cigars, which are taking increasing space on area tobacco-shop shelves, are shaped and smoked just like cigarettes. But tobacco productsbecause New Jersey taxes them differently, they cost nearly one-third the price.