Monthly Archives: October 2011

Senate delay in tobacco plain packaging law

HEALTH Minister Nicola Roxon has been embarrassed by delays to her tobacco plain packaging legislation caused by a government attempt to bring on the carbon tax debate in the Senate earlier.

WHO chief faces fight on reforms

Manila - Tough-talking World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun may be facing the toughest battle of her leadership as she launches a bid for unprecedented funding and management reform at the UN body.

Tobacco growing drives economy

TOBACCO contributes immensely to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) through exports and employment creation and it also plays a big role in improving Zimbabwean people’s livelihoods.

Big Tobacco Out Billions, but Still Kicking After Settlement

More than a decade after Big Tobacco apparently knuckled under to a coalition of 46 state attorneys-general, how is the industry faring?

The long shadow line: History and the war on drugs

It is fair to say that the global drug war began 400 years ago this autumn, when a man named John Rolfe obtained tobacco seeds tobacco policefrom the Caribbean.

Australia seeks world backing on tobacco legal fight

CANBERRA - Australia is confident the world’s toughest anti-tobacco laws will soon pass parliament, but the government warned on Thursday that the anti-smoking fight was not over and urged other nations to reject a possible WTO challenge backed by big tobacco.

Antismoking proposals in Japan are stubbed out by the government-big business alliance

For Japanese fashion designer Juri Satou, who recently moved to New York City, recently-passed laws there banning smoking in city Tobacco-Nanka-Su-Monkeyparks, beaches, and other public spaces took her by surprise. “Lots of people ignore the laws, risking the $50 fine,” she told Metropolis. “Anyway, you can smoke when you’re walking on the street. It’s strange! But for me, the most annoying thing is that I can’t smoke in nightclubs.”

New Jersey considers new taxes on alternative tobacco products

Little cigars, which are taking increasing space on area tobacco-shop shelves, are shaped and smoked just like cigarettes. But tobacco productsbecause New Jersey taxes them differently, they cost nearly one-third the price.

Tobacco Companies Knew of Radiation in Cigarettes

Tobacco companies knew that cigarettes contained a radioactive substance called polonium-210, but hid that knowledge from the smoking quitpublic for over four decades, a new study of historical documents revealed.