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Obama Scolds Tobacco Companies Over Labeling

President Barack Obama scolded tobacco companies Thursday for trying to block health warning labels on cigarettes, a product the world leader himself only recently quit using.

Low-Tax Cigarettes

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, as Freud supposedly said, but when is a cigarette a cigarette?
The city filed suit last week against a “roll your own” cigarette shop in Chinatown and a related one on Staten Island, where a pack of cigarettes can cost less than $5, because the stores are not collecting cigarette taxes. The stores, both called Island Smokes, do not sell packs of Marlboros and Newports. Instead, they sell loose tobacco and cigarette papers, and have machines that let customers fabricate their own cigarettes.

Roll-your-own cigarettes evade taxes, come under fire

There is no place in the U.S. more expensive to smoke than New York City, where the taxes alone will set you back $5.85 per pack. Yet, smokers who visit Island Smokes, a “roll your own” cigarette shop in Chinatown can walk out with an entire 10-pack carton for less than $40, thanks to a yawning tax loophole that officials in several states are now trying to close.