The Straight-Up Guide to Drugs, Addiction, Drug Abuse and Treatment

There’s every other drug info and addiction help website, then there’s
Our goal is to make drug information easily accessible and “straight up”. Our drug guides cover all the issues drug users and those concerned about drug use need to know and understand. Inside, you’ll find:
Overview of the basics for all major drugs;
Photos and media for help with drug identification;
Insight into the effects and dangers;
Addiction and tolerance information;
Drug testing resources and detection time data;
Frequently asked questions archive.

Drug Information Overview
Practical information, facts, opinion, and resources.
What Can I Find on TheGoodDrugsGuide?
Whether you have questions about cocaine or mushrooms, are wondering about the effects of ecstasy or smoking marijuana, or just need a clear understanding about the dangers of LSD, you’ll find organized info and help guides to empower you to make better decisions, and stay safe and healthy.
For drug identification we offer a comprehensive gallery of photos ranging from heroin to hashish. Enter the forums to connect with other visitors for personalized discussion.
Since 2001, our guides have been accessed by more than 3,500,000 people just like you who needed to know more about both legal and illegal substances but didn’t want to be bombarded by black and white addiction treatment sites that are unwilling to offer any practical advice.
Though we offer no medical advice, and everything found on our site should be considered to be for informational purposes only, our archives cover the gamut of tough issues like heroin overdose statistics, how different dosages of ketamine affect people, and what to expect regarding drug testing for specific substances such as marijuana testing.
Though it may be stating the obvious, expect to delve far beyond the basics, into controversial topics such as famous heroin and cocaine users, the results of mixing drugs such as amphetamines with other substances, and legalities such as marijuana laws.

Find Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers
Choosing a treatment center that fits your needs and enables you to achieve recovery successs is no easy task. Rehab and facility profiles and testimonials on can help guide you through one of the most important decisions of your life. Beating behavorial or drug addiction is a challenging path with the ultimate reward - a new lease on life, Here, you’ll find the information and resources you need to make an informed decision for your road to recovery.
Your Guide to Drug Treatment
The distinct difference our guide offers you is our honest and straightforward approach. This is not your dad’s drug information or drug abuse treatment directory. We understand where you are in your life and that bombarding you with negativity and black and white blanket statements is not a way to connect with you. We hope you appreciate the difference here at; and more importantly we hope you stay safe, healthy, and happy. Enjoy your life!

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