Daily Archives: December 5, 2011

Investors going for sin stocks: Tobacco, alcohol, gambling

Sin is in on Wall Street as investors pick vice over virtue and pour money into drinking, smoking and gambling stocks.

Iran deal may help AP tobacco ryots

n what could come as a morale-booster for the tobacco growers and traders, Iran has invited tenders for importing tobacco from India.

2 sentenced in Ark. tobacco tax fraud probe

A three-year investigation into a complicated scheme hatched by tobacco wholesalers to evade paying hefty state excise taxes on tobacco products other than cigarettes came to an end last week with the sentencing of the last two defendants.

Stricter indicators on tobacco products

The Union Health Department’s notification which stipulates clear display of warning signs on tobacco products came into force on Saturday. The notification, issued on May 27, calls for separate warnings for smoking and non-smoking tobacco products.