Daily Archives: December 12, 2011

Tobacco Shops Under Fire For Offering Customers Automated Cigarette-Making Machines

The Big Cat’s Smoke Shop in Bristol opened seven weeks ago with two roll your own cigarette machines that allows their customers to purchase cigarette wrappers and tobacco and rent their machine to roll 200 cigarettes in 8 minutes at a cost of $39.99. The state is looking into making those machines illegal. Andre Sevigny, Plainville, is a regular customer and here dumps tobacco into the top of one of the machines. In the background is Sharon Catlin, of Berlin one of the partners in smoke shop.

Japan Tobacco

The following companies may have unusual price changes in Japanese trading today. Stock symbols are in parentheses, and share prices are as of the latest close. The information in each item was released after markets shut unless stated otherwise.

Tobacco support price delayed

The Pakistan Tobacco Board has advised growers not to cultivate the crop prior to entering into contract with a tobacco company of their choice to avoid problems in the sale of their produce.