Language no barrier in making of ‘Norwegian Wood’

Language no barrier to French director making movie in Japanese

French director Tran Anh Hung did not say a word in Japanese, but it did not stop him from raising Japanese adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s novel “Norwegian Wood”, opening February 3 in Bay Area. History of suicide love triangle includes long scenes of dialogue. Hung Like I know he’d get a good take?

“The dialogue sounds like the music, which becomes more and more mysterious,” he says. “It’s clear to me whether the actor inhabits a role in some scenes, although there is always a little doubt. It’s actually great fun to shoot the film in a language you do not understand.”
Although the “Norwegian Wood” is in the late 1960s, the characters seem to be paying no attention to student riots going on around them. Hung believes the story gains resonance from occurring in the past. “I wanted to be faithful to the emotions that I had when I read the book and that’s why I’m stuck for a while,” Hung said. “Melancholy was a big part of the book, and to a certain distance is necessary to express it.”

The film casts Kenichi Matsuyama, Rinko Kikuchi and Kiko Mizuhara for the first time the actress as the students of Tokyo engulfed by grief. “Norwegian Wood” main fear is combined with a stunning bucolic landscape in a sanatorium, where one of the problematic characters finds refuge. “I do not care about the place should look like the description of the novel or not,” says Hong. “The question was more about” Is it a place rich enough in terms of emotion? I just wanted to find a place where I could shoot great images.”
Author Murakami turned down several other directors before the adoption of the concept of Hung. “I believe that we can find elements of beauty among the suffering,” Hung said. “What I most wanted to talk about the essence of” Norwegian Wood “was this vague, a keen sense of life.”

Intriguing ‘Attenberg’ an Oscar candidate from Greek director

Among the healthy plants in this year’s impressive foreign language Academy Award contenders is the official entry of Greece, which is allocated to one of the most intriguing story hooks.
The film is called “Attenberg”, but not about the famous British manufacturer of award-winning documentary character.
Instead, the plot of the film, directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, relating to the compulsory 23-year-old woman who is so isolated and away from society, which she spends all her free time watching Sir David Attenborough, BBC films on non-human species.

Tobacco apostate setting the record straight

“Addiction Incorporated”follows the continuing efforts of tobacco companies selling cigarettes, despite well-publicized health problems. Fairy tale is told through the eyes of Victor DeNoble. Formerly one of the most valuable players, Philip Morris, “the scientist DeNoble conducted laboratory experiments for the company will work to a confidentiality agreement and is going public about their secret research.
The film, Charles Evans Jr., the following DeNoble, as he travels the country gives primary school says that cigarettes affect the brain chemistry. DeNoble explained: “My focus is on elementary and secondary school pupils, because they of whom are targeted by the tobacco industry, although the tobacco companies say that it is not. Children ask the big questions. They understand the science, which is very interesting to me.”
DeNoble calls himself a “realist” about the new smoking prevention and family tobacco control law, which gives the FDA more control over the cigarette packaging. “People ask me why this product is still produced, when it causes death and disease, and I tell them,” Back up. Ask how far we’ve come in the last 20 years. … Public policy is not a revolutionary. It’s evolutionary. It develops over time. This is what happens to tobacco regulation. My job is to make this time as short as possible.”

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