The Top E Cigarettes for 2011 Reviewed

Electronic cigarettes have quickly become the preferred alternative to traditional cigarette smokers.

These chemical free devices resemble traditional cigarette, but does not contain thousands of chemical carcinogens. Unlike the products of smoking, electronic cigarettes have helped thousands to quit.Studies have shown that smoke and carcinogens in traditional cigarettes, which cause respiratory and other health problems. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine vapor. Since the pair is released there will be no second-hand smoke.

Most smokers are addicted to nicotine. Nevertheless, some of them are actually dependent on the habit of smoking. E Cigarette smokers also save money. Smokers do not have to worry about smelling like smoke, or having smoker’s breath.

There are many electronic cigarette companies on the market. Industry is increasingly grown in popularity over the past few years. There are many options to consider when choosing a device, the better. Smokers must first decide whether they want to use two or three of the design. Many companies also offer one-off projects. Smokers can choose from different strengths of nicotine. Full power of nicotine, as a rule, most companies offer. Flavors such as cherry, are also offered by most to enhance the experience. E cigarette reviews that contain information about the top of the electronic cigarette in 2011 may help smokers to make the right choice.

Blu cigarettes quickly become the premier brand of electronic cigarettes in the industry. They have recently launched their new two-piece design. This design combines flavor cartridges with their spray. The combination of these units provides a more intense flavor. Flavors offered by Blu contain Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. They are proudly made in the USA exclusively for Blu cigarettes. Blu maintains the highest quality, keeping prices affordable. They also have excellent customer service.

South Beach Smoke, one of the new companies in the industry is becoming more popular. They offer affordable 2 and 3 of the structure. Smokers are automatically enrolled in South Beach FREE Home Delivery Program when purchasing starter kit. This program automatically sends customers to refill cartridges every month at reduced prices.

V2Cigs offers a wide variety of tastes. In addition to his car battery, they also offer a manual battery. Manual battery to increase battery life, and provide a stronger vapor hit. V2Cigs also has a great line / awards program called Smoke4Free. Smokers who are new customers will receive credits every time new directions purchase starter kit. More customers is a smoker, the greater your savings! The new customer will also receive a discount on the starter kit.
White Cloud has recently launched an updated version of his original model.

The new model is shorter, lighter and twice as steam supply. Smokers may use original cartridges because they are compatible with the updated model. White Cloud is also preparing to launch its new Cirrus 3 models. This model is an inch shorter than a traditional cigarette. Starter kits are available for preorder, and will be shipped in early April.

Smoke Council offers quality two-piece design at an affordable price. Their Eazy-Drag system allows effortless tightening. They offer a wide variety of tastes and orders are shipped within 24 hours for free very soon.
Volcano offers offers a variety of starter kits for any budget. Their V-Kit Sampler starter kit is perfect for smokers who are not fully decided to switch to electronic cigarettes. The kit is affordable, and includes everything needed to test the product. They also offer disposables for those who do not smoke often, or just wish to try an e cig. Smokers can choose from prefilled cartridges, or try their hand at filling their own for the Inferno Kit.

SmokeStik has introduced their new model; the PitBull. This new model, while containing a half inch longer battery, lasts hours longer than the regular SmokeStik. The PituBull is compatible with other SmokeStik products. Smokers, however, must purchase a PitBull carrying case since it is longer than the other batteries. A percentage of the profits are being donated to Compassion Revolution. This charity supported by Katherine Heigl is dedicated to pet overpopulation.

Factors on which brand is best depends on the willingness of the smoker. The choice can be made after the decision, which features are most important. E cigarette reviews such as the ones found on provide information to help smokers make an informed decision. Smokers will also find detailed product information about the most popular electronic cigarette in 2011.

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