Tobacco commission awards funding

Smiles for Southside Virginian children be even brighter in the future, after the tobacco commission approved 400,000 dollars in funds offered by Halifax Regional Tuesday dental clinic in South Boston.

Virginia 15th District State Senator and Tobacco Commission Vice-Chairman Frank Ruff said the Southside Economic Development Committee approved the funds for use in equipping the clinic and the full commission gave a green light to the funding later that afternoon.
“We did not deal with it in December or in the autumn session, simply because we wanted to try to move all health-related issues that the Special Committee of the projects, as people will be the evaluation of programs,” said Ruff.
“It was the only one on the table and because of the deadlines that were required; we went ahead and approved it to full commission, in spite of this original decision.

“The request was for 400 thousand dollars, and this is something that has been approved,” Ruff, noting funds will be used to equip the clinic.
“The money was for equipment, and the commission’s request was for the majority of the 450,000 dollars cost to equip the clinic,” added Ruff.
“We are never 100 percent on these things, and we require at least 10 percent local match or other source of match.”

“Health care is an important element of work and a healthy society, and we have some excellent dentists in the region,” Ruff continued.
“Many of the general offices are terribly busy. There’s pressure compensation from Medicaid, and it will relieve the pressure on them.”
In December, staff Southside Economic Development Committee of the tobacco commission recommended that 400,000 dollars table request funds for construction of Halifax Regional Dental Clinic in South Boston.

Nevertheless, the chairman of the committee was asked to address the proposal of special projects in the event that the policy approved in direct medical projects, special programs projects.

South Boston City Council unanimously approved a resolution in March last year, authorizing the application for a grant for dental clinic.
The city applied for grant funding of up to 700,000 dollars from the Department of Housing and Community Development for a Virginia Community Development Block Grant to fund the project, which includes expanding the Halifax Primary Care Facility.
The 10,000 square-foot expansion would include 6,500 square feet to be used for shell space for future growth and 3,500 square feet for the proposed dental clinic.

The clinic will be maintained at full capacity, two dentists, two to four dental assistants and a dental hygienist

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