Hubei China Tobacco

In an effort to implement the proposal in the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau for the next “two tasks” and the meeting site, Hubei Comprehensive Pilot Programs, Hubei tobacco industry of China Co, Ltd has made great strides in improving the mechanisms and focuses on the management of key links.
Develop mechanisms for consistently tolerated. “High standards, pragmatic work, and a strict system of accountability,” have been met. Center for

Monitoring and Control center of trading have been established, and measures for the procurement of materials, advertising, sales promotion and incorruptible, and three supervisory style Responsibilities the commission has been revised. Incorruptible style surveillance reports through the purchase rates and deals on the administration of public and collective decision-making process were formulated. In addition, auxiliary systems, such as measures of advertising and sales promotion and implementation of the scheme for the purchase of tobacco materials have been improved. This was done to ensure that laws and regulations are available for the overall management process, “two problems”.

Second, information support has made a noticeable effect. In an effort to implement a “standardized implementation of electronic filing project, whole process of managing an open information and auto-control,” special teams have been established and the development of an information platform for the “two problems” has been strengthened. In particular, the “9 in 1” information management platform with enterprise features have been developed, which provides information support reorganization, automation and control footprint “of the two tasks.” Seven management systems are: the contract audit, materials procurement, investment, project supervision, control of capital and components for cars and tobacco company management, as well as Intranet and Extranet.

Third, the opening of trading achieved remarkable results. Standardized management of the investment project, materials procurement, and advertising and sales promotion was postponed. In addition, purchases will be made in accordance with relevant rules and procedures in order to obtain tenders worth. In 2011 there were 137 contracts of the project, and 78.12 percent of total investment accounted for through a public auction.The annual tendering for tobacco materials, excluding materials dispensed by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and supplies from multiplex enterprises and imported materials, accounted for 99.7 percent of the total amount of procurement. By banning purchasing from its own multiplex enterprises, the open tendering for 25 varieties under a publicity and sales promotion accounted for 93.6 percent of the total amount of procurement.

Fourth, democratic governance has proved its effectiveness. Public administration and democratic governance has been enforced and the joint conference of ministers of the system was created. Terms of the joint conference of ministers and procedures formulated by the joint conference of ministers and democratic functions, including online disclosures have been widely used. In addition, production activities, appointments, relevant to the interests of employees, recruitment and compensation, and insurance may be disclosed. Workers’ rights to information, the right to participate, the right of expression and the right of supervision can be guaranteed.

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