CSUF first CSU to implement the smoking ban

Cal State Fullerton will be the first University of California to ban smoking on campus, after the new policy will come into force on 1 August 2013. CSUF will initiate the charge before the entire campus of the University of California to make a push for mandatory smoking ban since 2014.

The Academic Senate is not prohibited by resolution on 23 February, which left some members as chairman of the Academic Senate, John W. “Jack” Bedell, delighted with the result.

“It’s huge. It’s awesome. Fact that he passed unanimously by the Academic Senate? This is a huge, that the body is very little unanimity,” he said.

“I think there was deep concern about the health of staff and students, as well as trash on campus, and that goes down to the ocean from the cigarette butts, and people do not obey the rules … if you get out of this side of McCarty Hall, take a look the stairs. There’s a sign that says smoking should be 20 meters from the building, but there are cigarette butts six feet from the sign. Therefore, many smokers do not listen to that because frankly, I think it’s time for this change, “he said.

Smoking is changing or has already happened in other cities of California in the coming years, especially on all campuses UC. Smoking is a health professional forum has been created for the UCS and began smoking policy in October 2011, which would effectively make all UC campuses smoking.

For Bedell and the executive committee, who wrote the resolution CSUF smoking, smoking bans UC offered them support, but there was no motivation ban.

“It’s fair to say that helped us, because we understand that other states have also been concerned with the students and staff health, so we would be first in the CSU, that he” said Bedell.

“There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of towns across the country, and over 500 that are already there … we did it, because UC did it? No, but the fact that they have done in our state was a form of support. It was not a reaction to them, “he added.

At present, 10 UC campuses have provisions to combat smoking.

UCS Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, Berkeley, Santa Cruz and San Diego have smoking bans smoking within 25 feet of all buildings, doorways, windows and ventilation of the reception. UC Merced and UC Santa Barbara now have such a policy prohibiting smoking within 20 feet.

UC San Francisco has implemented no-smoking policy throughout the entire campus, not designated areas.

However, this policy will change came in 2014, due to which a health professional forum told health refers not only to smokers but also non-smokers through passive smoking. A study on the forum showed that 443,000 people die from diseases related to tobacco, including 50,000 non-smokers who develop chronic lung disease.

Research Forum also noted that smoking leads to fatigue, therefore leading to lower productivity and more frequent absences, Bedell said the issue would improve with the smoking ban.

“Research is clear that when you ban smoking in the workplace, you have less days (c) absence, fewer health problems, it’s a win-win for everyone,” said Bedell.

However, Jeff Mori, 34, a business major, the tendency of the smoking ban in the state is not a win-win situation. Mori said that the university should maintain the current policy, rather than following the ban on smoking on campus.

“When I was going to (college, smoking) has not been banned throughout the campus. This is the same today: no more than or close to 20 meters. I’m okay with that,” said Mori. “Basically what they’re doing, trying to legislate morality, they tell people that we do not want you to do it here. This is bad for you, so we will not let you do it.”

Freedom of choice and necessity because of addiction are factors that have an undeclared major Michelle Chan is conscious of.

“Some people believe that they should go get a nicotine break,” she said. “I do not think he’s going to make people understand that smoking is bad. Everyone knows that they know smoking is bad for them. It’s their choice. I do not think this will stop them from smoking. I mean, that they can easily to go off campus. If they really want to smoke, they can. ”


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