E-Cigs and the USB-Pass-Through

One of the best things about electronic cigarettes is the fact that in UK can be used almost anywhere. This includes the right to smoke wile sitting at yor desk or during normal working hours. But this advantage is shown one of the disadvantages of electronic cigarettes, there is not tobacco in cig: you have a spare battery with us during the day. For vapers, who works at the computer, there is a solution to the USB pass-through device.

USB pass-through allows vaper use your electronic cigarette without batteries. It connects directly to the e-cigarette and is powered by USB port, just USB board does. And because the power from the USB port so low voltage compared to a conventional electrical outlet, it is the ideal power to give you a whole day without using the battery vaping.

Do the Swap

Pass-through USB devices is such a great tool allows you to do without vapers of extra batteries. They just put a new battery before you leave home in the morning, so that they can VAPE commute, then switch to the USB pass, when they come into the office. On the way home, they come back to the battery so that they can VAPE on the way home. Could it be easier?
For the same reasons many of the electronic cigarette starter kits, such as those sold VAPESTICK included USB charger battery and / or charger. USB charger is connected to the computer as a pass-through device. Thus, even if you forget to put a fresh battery before you leave for work you can charge it directly to your desktop once you get there. This ensures that you are always fully charged battery ready to go for the evening commute.
Innovation is interesting

Innovations are constantly introduced into the electronic cigarette industry is one of the things that make vaping so exciting. Looking back, with a 20/20 point of view, it is easy for vapers to see how limiting tobacco cigarettes were. They are all pretty much taste the same, they all work the same way, and they force smokers find smoking areas where their exposure to secondhand smoke does not affect the other. With electronic cigarettes on the other hand, vapers offer much more freedom in how they are doing.

This freedom is expressed into much happier and more productive former smokers. For example, being able to vape at work means they’re no longer taking a break every couple of hours for a smoke. Being able to commute VAPE means that they are no longer outcasts, with whom none of the other passengers want to be mixed. Electronic cigarette is one tool that helps vapers rid of all limitations and restrictions of tobacco. It is no wonder that so many people make the switch to the UK and around the world.

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