New tobacco shop rolls into town

When he was 18 years old, James Jarbo was fresh out of school and began working in the Detroit tobacco shop owned by a local family.

He spent nearly ten years of study of the tobacco trade, and about five years ago, he decided that he wanted to run his way. He and his brother, Randy worked together to make this happen. “I love this job,” said James Jarbo. “I love being in the tobacco business.”

Now he is what the business that he was well-Battle Creek-Kalamazoo area, filling the empty Columbia Avenue store with a new commercial enterprise Promote the roll of his own philosophy, Jarbo brothers new tobacco Shoppe opened in late February at 205 W. Columbia Street., At the site of the former Great Bagels Apple.

The answer to the shop already had a “big,” said James Jarbo. “People find us.” Indeed, in a generous store Saturday, a double entrance parking lot seemed to be buzzing with cars pulling in quick succession. The store will be opening soon, although no date has been set, Jarbo said.

Jarbo brothers live in Jackson, where they work similar to the socket. The third store in Adrian and brothers already have their views on the Kalamazoo, where they plan to open a fourth store on South Westnedge Avenue in June.

After searching the area, Jarbo said he “loved the area” around Battle Creek, and believed that the city could support what he sees as a unique business focus on a roll your own tobacco, cigars and specialty tobacco products, including lighters, humidors and ashtrays.

“There is not such a store in Battle Creek or Kalamazoo,” he said, arguing that “the cheapest prices in town, and customer service is very friendly.” The idea is to offer smokers a way to burn less of their cash, cigarettes and cigars prices continue to challenge their wallets.

First time clients, Steve and Sherry Heffel in Battle Creek claims Jarbo gave a nod to the fast during their first visit on Saturday. “There’s a great choice here,” said Heffel. “Prices are much better.”

Heffel said he was a regular buyer of loose tobacco, smoking cigars, pipes, and stopped at the new store, to check its stock. “I’ll be back,” he said, adding that it saves money, rolling his own smokes.

“So, you can do it at 90 cents per pack,” he said. “It’s a big savings.” Jarbo agreed with the assessment, saying the majority of pre-packaged cigarettes are sold at prices ranging from $ 7 to $ 8.

The store also caters to people who prefer their tobacco in other forms - or even want to avoid it at all at the same time enjoy a tobacco-ish experience.

The window display includes a variety of hookahs and pipes, and a showcase of well-equipped with the elements of production of green smoke, which produces “electronic cigarettes” for the production of tobacco aroma without actually plug of tobacco.

Jarbo said Green Smoke cartridges provide smoking, as an experience, which is about eight or nine packs of cigarettes worth nearly $ 15 - without the risk of adverse effects associated with tobacco.

Already in place of glass humidor room, climate control to protect the contents of aromatic cigars at home. Adjacent open space is currently being prepared in the cigar lounge, and will soon be submitted comfortable chairs, coffee products, and entertainment programs on television.

Those who have never rolled their own cigarettes can get a full demonstration by the staff of the store with the use of mechanical equipment for sale there. Store does not sell the materials for rolling cigars, however.

In addition to the equipment, decorative items and branded cigars and cigarettes, the store stocks 20 varieties of tobacco, Jarbo said. And what is the most popular variety - one that matches what is used in leading brands of cigarettes? Do not you know? With a smile, Jarbo said it was a brand called “Good Stuff”.

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