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Local control over tobacco use

Will this legislative session is a “love fest” between legislators of Oklahoma and the tobacco industry?

Big tobacco

Dear Mr. Berko: I have $ 23,000 that I want to invest and grow revenue. I asked my broker about tobacco stocks because they show very good yields. He told me that the tobacco industry is in a ditch in the next five years, and fewer people smoke today, and hundreds of billions of dollars in settlements they did with the state governments will soon hurt them very badly.

Budget 2012: Tobacco set to get dearer

Price of tobacco products may be a growth in the near future. The Union Ministry of Health wrote to all States to either tax or an increase in VAT on all tobacco products - cigarettes, beedis, smokeless tobacco (gutka and pan masala), tobacco and tobacco leaves.

Tobacco’s status in the trade transaction is disputed

Tobacco manufacturers and lawmakers from the state of Kentucky and other countries squaring off against the anti-smoking groups over whether to turn culture into a trade agreement that the U.S. is in talks with eight countries in the Pacific.

The need to improve the school programmers on Tobacco Control

Public health researchers from India and the United States in a recent study showed that school smoking prevention among programmers in India are cost effective, thus strengthening the case of the introduction of tobacco in the school are programmed throughout the country.

Tobacco Control

Health organizations urging the Obama administration in the fight with the federal court decision blocking the graphic warnings from appearing on cigarette packs. Judge Richard J. Leon U.S. Court for the District of Columbia, February 29, ruled unconstitutional a rule, the Food and Drug necessarily new images, which include a photo of a person smoking through a hole tracheotomy and a dead man with a transaction-scarred chest.

CSUF first CSU to implement the smoking ban

Cal State Fullerton will be the first University of California to ban smoking on campus, after the new policy will come into force on 1 August 2013. CSUF will initiate the charge before the entire campus of the University of California to make a push for mandatory smoking ban since 2014.

Oklahoma tobacco endowment funds should not be used to improve the smoking bill

Back when smoking was common and considered cool, luxury hotels in the print templates updated Sands lobby ashtrays.

Hawaii diverts millions in tobacco settlement funds

A report is due out later this week in the U.S. doctor who is expected to criticize the government, which diverted tobacco funds settlement to balance their budgets.