Soluble tobacco can reduce the risks

A Food and Drug Administration scientific advisory group says the soluble tobacco products may reduce the risk to health than smoking cigarettes, but also has the potential to increase the total number of smokers. Soluble Tobacco finely ground tobacco is pressed into forms like tablets that slowly dissolve in the mouth of this person. He drew attention to the tobacco companies that want to offset the decline in consumption of cigarettes smokers face a tax increase, growing health problems, smoking bans and public condemnation.

Tobacco Products Agency Scientific Advisory Committee, a report studying the products are available online on Friday ahead of schedule in accordance with the mandate of the law to give FDA authority to regulate the industry. Despite their results, after several months of public meetings and presentations, the Panel noted that there is a lack of research products, which represent a small share of the market.
Tobacco companies are focused on cigarette alternatives - such as cigars, snuff and chewing tobacco, and other forms of nicotine - for future sales growth. The group says that the products are sold for use in tobacco consumers can not smoke.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co, which is owned by Reynolds American Inc. in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is test-marketing of soluble tablets; strips and a toothpick shape the balls called Camel, Camel and Camel Strips sticks in mint and other flavors. Balls lasts about 15 minutes, strips dissolve in five minutes or less, and sticks, which are slightly larger than a toothpick, the last 15 to 20 minutes. Richmond-based Altria Group Inc, owner of the largest tobacco company in the country, Philip Morris USA, is also test marketing wooden sticks coated with finely ground tobacco brand Marlboro.

In addition, Star Scientific Inc, based in Glen Allen, Va., market tablets of wintergreen tobacco, coffee and tobacco taste. Ariva and Stonewall tablets brand first appeared in the market about 10 years ago, but sales were minimal.
According to the report, the exclusive use of soluble tobacco products by individual would be “significantly reduce the risk” compared with the regular use of cigarettes. It can also reduce the population burden of disease caused by tobacco use, if the products to reduce the number of people who smoke or not to start smoking.

“Based on the understanding of the delivery of toxins smokers, exclusive use of the (soluble tobacco) should be less dangerous than regular cigarettes, smoking is currently marketed in the United States,” the report said.
However, the Committee concluded that the presence of soluble tobacco products could make people think tobacco is generally more secure. For anecdotal evidence, the committee said it did not find information on how soluble tobacco smokers will more likely to quit smoking.
Most health experts say there is no safe way to use tobacco and push people to quit first. Others accept the idea that safer alternatives can improve health if they are referring to people less smoke.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company said in a statement, the report emphasizes the importance and urgency of informing consumers of tobacco on the relative health risks from tobacco and other products that contain nicotine, as well as the benefits of quitting.
“This information must be based on sound science,” the company said.
FDA said it plans to review the results to resolve any future action, but there is no time to act. The agency has raised concerns that the soluble tobacco products contain large amounts of nicotine and may be particularly attractive to children and youth.

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