The state puts a flame to roll your own tobacco stores

Young roll your own retailers of tobacco by Bob Peckinpaugh to the last, desperate gasp.He has already closed its sister city in the store for a turn of events has caused regulators Kansas.

Peckinpaugh in the double-$ 32,500 car rental customers to convert the bags and boxes of loose tobacco in cigarettes filtered paper to sit back in a strip shopping center. There is no appeal of a sophisticated device providing 200 cigarettes in 8 minutes, Smokes Cigarette sales in the University fell to $ 6.52 on Wednesday and $ 1.42 at midday Thursday.

“Without a car we have no business,” said Peckinpaugh, who moved to Lawrence in the autumn of last year and discovered a set of self-rolling of the field. “If we do not resume within a few days, we will close this store.” Both of his establishments licensed Kansas Department of Revenue, but the Kansas State Fire gave up about 20 ‘roll of his own businesses throughout the state.

Cease and desist letter was released in February, with reference to fire a law providing for cigarettes rolled in commercial establishments to use a paper type, as shown on the basis of laboratory tests to withstand a fast burn rate. Peckinpaugh, however, said that the special paper was not available to roll your own retailers
“I understand why they’re angry,” said Seth, Valery, General Counsel to the Kansas Fire Department. “We make compliance with fire safety laws. It is a matter of national security. They simply flooded the market.”

The agents entered the state stores to wrap electrical plugs on the mechanical features of cars rolling tape. Shop owners have been warned that any resumption of use of the equipment can be hit with steep fines. To date, three companies have ignored the order. The penalties are under consideration. Apparently, none of this kind of shop exist in Topeka.

Large manufacturers of cigarettes under the laws of the state, paying $ 250 fee every three years to confirm the laboratory tests showed each brand and style of the cigarettes sold to those companies in Kansas have been made with paper treatment to dramatically reduce their ability to start fires.

Kansas regulators are only a safety standard for sophisticated, expensive mills.
Handheld units available in some stores, and is able to produce 200 cigarettes per hour and is still allowed, Peckinpaugh said. There is no state law prohibiting people from rolling their own cigarettes. The group roll their own government, business - RYO Kansas Coalition - organized to consider the legal issues in response to the actions related to the Kansas Fire Protection, Department of State revenues and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt.

Tom Erickson, owner of Trader Jacks tobacco in Shawnee, said officials entered his shop, recorded with his car and pointed out a $ 10,000 fine will be waiting for him if he pulled off a plastic fork and went back to work.

“I understand if you do not like smoke,” Erickson said, “but for them to close me, without a court order just not right.” “It is unfortunate that our Attorney General, who was elected by the people to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law has allowed such an overly aggressive actions to take place,” he said.

April 2 at the National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, Massachusetts, reported 610 civilian deaths in the United States during 2010 were associated with smoking material fires. There were 90,800 fires, smoking materials in the course of the year by $ 663 million in property damage.

Lorraine Carli, vice president of the association of fire, said that the decline in smoking fire deaths at record low levels may be associated with a reduction in the number of smokers and raising industry standards for mattresses and upholstered furniture. The third factor was the beginning of 2003 the demand of cigarettes sold in the United States, were to be made with fireproof paper, she said.

“The adoption of fire-safe cigarette legislation is proving to be a giant step forward in reducing the leading cause of death, house fire,” said Carly.

Peckinpaugh said the national and state mandates on paper should not be used in stores, like him, because they are technically the sale of tobacco and paper - not fully formed cigarette subject to the requirement. “We sell the tobacco and paper, and rent a car,” Peckinpaugh said. He said the merger of paper and tobacco was carried out without the help of customers by store employees. Tobacco is poured into the funnel.. A couple of buttons pressed. Ready-made cigarettes appear.

This is the same as someone in the laundry detergent who buys and leases the car clean clothes, he said. Peckinpaugh protest flyer taped his idle mills expressed opposition to “illegal” raid. The pilot reference quote he attributed to the Attorney General that “all that is really great and inspiring is created by man that is able to operate freely.”

Peckinpaugh find irony in the row. “I invested my life savings at the store,” he said, “and was forced to terminate my lease and dismiss their employees. Kansas kills jobs when they have to create them.”


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