Monthly Archives: May 2012

Big Tobacco is targeting teens

The federal government says the big tobacco deliberately vulnerable young people by selling cheap cigarettes. British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) has released a budget brand called Just Smoker which retails for $ 11.50 per pack of 25.

Tobacco use

April 17 in Birmingham City Council voted to ban smoking in bars, the last refuge for the residents of Birmingham who want to smoke in public places.

Regulation of tobacco

Menthol Cigarette and graphic warnings: these were the three regulatory UBS senior analyst Nik Modi predicted tobacco tobacco industry will say in 2012. “There’s no real urgency,” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Modi said during last week’s tobacco update CSPNetwork CyberConference about the lack of movement of the agency to regulate menthol.

A new bill introduced by the tobacco tax

A new wrinkle appeared due to the tobacco tax scandal in Randolph County, with an open set of hearings on Tuesday in Montgomery, the second version of the bill address the allocation of funds from taxes on tobacco in Randolph County. This, like the one that has passed legislation only to be vetoed by Governor Robert Bentley, has been declared as required by law.