Maharashtra is connected to tobacco

GATS developed by Center for Disease Prevention and Control in Atlanta, by the way government showed that 31.4% of population from Maharashtra use tobacco.

Memorial Cancer Center that tobacco is the problem in many of disease and it represent the main economic interest for Atlanta. Accordic to WHO, one from three adults die in his 14-17 from tobacco problems, all these make Maharashtra to have illness due tobacco consumption. “Many of the patients, treatment costs, which can reach hundreds of thousands of rupees, you need to be borne by the Government.

State authorities; however, seems to be sluggish in the application of laws against tobacco. Anti-tobacco lobby was defeated on Suterday, when the government order to ensure food safety regulation and standards and the law banning the manufacture and sale of gutkha in the state died in the office of the proceedings.

What a pity that while the majority of tobacco users think of kicking butt, but very few actually do it. According to the survey, only 3.8% of daily adult smokers in Maharashtra have successfully given up the habit in the past 12 months. Although the number of those who have been able to quit smoking is lower, the number of adults who have already tried to stop tobacco use is slightly higher.

31.3% of smokers and tobacco chewers 30% tried to quit in the past 12 months. This is an extremely low figure, according to Dr. Prakash Gupta, director Healis Sekhsaria Institute of Public Health, due to lack of awareness about the dangers of smoking, and lack of anti-tobacco legislation in the state.

64.6% nee a doze of tobacco after an hour or two when they wake up that’s why the disease has become something normal in the state of Maharashtra. And according to WHO youth are leading to premature death of three adults from India. 8.5% of woman and 27.4% of men between 15 and 24years.

“Previously, it was impossible any younger than 35 head and neck contracts because of tobacco use. Now we get patients aged 22 to 24 years who were infected,” said Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, head and neck surgeon at Tata Memorial Centre.

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