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Caution of tobacco tax in California

Over the past few years, in favor of higher taxes on the sin of trying to appease the Idaho Legislature increased the tax on cigarettes, arguing that such growth is wildly popular among the electorate. This is a trick that the American Cancer Society tried to legislative last winter.

Altria first producer of tobacco whose price increases in 2012

Altria leads the industry with the first price increase this year; a sign of tobacco continues to command strong pricing power.

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax

In the 2011 annual report of the U.S. Department of Treasury Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes and Trade Bureau (TTB) published earlier this year, emphasizes the many benefits achieved by the new resolution on the website of the Bureau of the system, based on the technology of e-government solutions leader Accela, Inc a full report, available on, details of how the new system allowed TTB to cost-effectively fulfill their mandates - in spite of the reduction of staff and high rates of alcohol beverage producer and wholesaler permit application.

Connecticut legislature passes a broad account of the budget

Connecticut lawmakers returned to Capitol Hill to finish work on two broad budget-related bills, but the special session on Tuesday was overshadowed by the controversy over Congressional Campaign Speaker of the House Chris Donovan and deposits are associated with one of the bills under consideration.

India’s tobacco girls

World Day Against Child Labour, Davinder Kumar, Plan International examines the problem of young girls involved in the creation of beedis - the traditional home-made cigarettes - in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Harvesting of tobacco donations to political parties

The leading cigarette manufacturer in India, ITC Ltd, made a financial contribution of Rs. 6.78 lakh in the last two years, all major political parties in the country, causing public health officials here to the question of possible intervention of tobacco companies’ efforts of the central government to bring in tough anti-smoking laws in the country. “

California tobacco tax

Supporters of tobacco tax initiative said on Wednesday they were willing to wait a few days if not weeks, to see if the myriad voting turn the tide in their favor.

Cancel the tax on tobacco products in California

The great success of Big Tobacco in branding the proposed cigarette tax California’s government boondoggle sent a message that could be repeated in other states, as the tendency to vote for the opposition. After a flurry of campaign advertising, the industry managed to reduce support for a $ 1-pack tax support of cycling legend Lance Armstrong of the two-thirds vote in the March draw on Election Day.

Taxes on tobacco products

Californians voted overwhelming to endorse Proposition 28, which will make radical changes within the time limit, the law in California. But the fate of the proposal 29, which would increase taxes on tobacco, remains uncertain in early returns. Proposition 28 would reduce the number of years; lawmakers could serve from 14 to 12 years, although they could serve all these years in one house.