All tobacco ban in Ohio

The chairman of the Ohio Board of Regents said he was surprised by the lack of response is bad so far, its proposal was accepted unanimously on Monday urging the public colleges and universities to ban all tobacco from their campuses.

“Will it be a walk in the park? It will not,” said James Tuschman, the lawyer of Toledo. “There will be several major groups, which are likely to discuss it, but I think in the long term, most of our institutions will adopt this policy.”

The board is the coordinator for the 14 public universities and 23 Ohio colleges can not unilaterally impose such a policy. The resolution leaves for each school to decide whether to follow the recommendations.

The law, passed by voters in 2006 already makes it illegal to light up in any interior work that invites the public inside, including the college auditorium and administration buildings. But it does not include student residences or public open space.

Nationally, 711 state and private colleges and universities have a 100% non-smoking policy, which provide no designated areas for smoking in the dorms or campuses. In Ohio, this list includes only private University of Miami and Notre Dame College of Ohio.

Another six - Public University of Toledo Health Science Campus - formerly the Medical College of Ohio - and the private Hocking College, College Malone, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, College of Nursing Dwight Scar and Ohio Christian University - is a policy that applies to all tobacco products.

“I regret that when I went to college, I began to smoke, which obviously took its toll on me,” said the raspy voice of Jim Petro, Ohio Chancellor of Higher Education, who battled cancer of the larynx. “It’s not something that breaks with the tradition of all,” he said. “It is not necessary to try to reconsider what might be considered a student and employee rights of the past. It simply recognizes that, in general, the elimination of smoke in public places is proving to be, again and again, very much a big step for health for all our citizens. “

In addition to the outright ban on the medical campus, UT restricts smoking to seven style stop smoking on the main campus. The policy does not include fines.

“At the moment, with the last act of Ohio Board of Regents, the Board will look at its tobacco policy”, UT spokeswoman Megan Cunningham said. “When he established the current policy, there was a large contribution of the faculty, students and staff, and this policy has been in operation for about a year.”

Bowling Green State University, prohibits smoking in all buildings, including dormitories, and requires those who smoke to stay outside of 25 feet or more from building entrances. A student who violates the smoking policy in the student hostel will be transferred to the school disciplinary process. The first time offender is likely to be cautioned, lectured on fire safety, and offered help to stop smoking. Repeat offender may be expelled from the dorm, a spokeswoman said Dave Kielmeyer.

“BGSU pending the recommendations of the Ohio Board of Regents for consideration by the board of trustees,” he said. The decision comes four years after the Ohio dismantled anti-smoking foundation.

“It was clear that in the overwhelming costs of tobacco retailers, and related, we’re going to roll back because of their pressure, their ability to market, so pervasive,” said Dr. Robert Crane, of Columbus, a former member of the foundation. “We saw it. Ohio is now third in the nation in smoking. Gallup Poll in November 2011 showed 26% of smoking, so it’s a bad thing. But it is a good first step.”

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