Design of plain packages

Van Onselen gets into the foam about growth forecast value of the total taxed tobacco for the first six months of the introduction of plain packaging, in December 2012 (“course”), it is difficult to count the ways that he can not understand why his conclusions so prone to error .

Many of my colleagues were very surprised by his statement that during the past 40 years the government had “billions” of tobacco control in Australia. Forty years takes us back to 1972. I worked on the first nationwide campaign in Australia in New South Wales in 1982. I do not remember our budget, but it was, of course, for less than $ 1 million. Expenditures under this consisted of several posters and brochures.

It was not until 1997 that the big money started to go in the fight against tobacco and its evaluation, starting with only $ 3.5 m a year. Add up all expenses and you will be pushed to get the total cost for 40 years and a half billion, not “billions”.

Van Onselen also does not seem to realize that plain packaging will not see packets that are “shrunken logos”: they will not have any logos, only brand in the standard font. Also, that the case “goes to the Supreme Court”: he went there in April, a decision is expected before October.

Decreases in the prevalence of smoking, which was pretty much continuously since the beginning of research in the 1970s reflects the interaction between many factors.

Niagara negative information is initially healthy enough to start the rot of tobacco. Rising prices sent the cost of smoking tobacco through a series of psychological barriers, with $ 20 packs of the impending attack of the body as just another industry.

The social demoralization caused by expulsion of smokers smoking outside buildings must stop sharing them with smoke, bottomless revelation of the falsity of the tobacco industry, including their designs drooling in children in their internal documents, and the end all tobacco advertising, smoking has led to the control records.

Still, tobacco kills more Australians each year than many other known causes of death combined.

Normal packages promise to add to the mix of toxic smoke and drive further into the story. Along the way, detractors and messengers for the industry will continue to question every new proposal advanced recipes such as “it’s never been done before - there is no evidence.

Finally, all those who believe that the excise tax on tobacco products are nothing more than a cynical exercise in raising government revenues need only spend a few hours in the swamp of millions of pages of internal tobacco industry documents available on the Internet after a lawsuit in the United States.

Here are some examples: “The surest way to reduce consumption through tax”, “high prices for cigarettes more than any other cigarette attribute, has the greatest impact on the output share of the population” and “Of all the problems are - taxation - it disturbs us the most “.

And again: “The problem of raising taxes is the fact that this decrease in consumption.”

Taxes on tobacco products currently used in Australia, is very effective to reduce tobacco consumption, with the added advantage that the Australian community are easily assembled form of tax revenues, which are used for the benefit of us all.

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