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Concussion lawsuits are next big U.S. trial

Smokers and pro football players have something in common: they engage in risky behavior that can be potentially harmful to their health over time.
And to hear some lawyers say it, the National Football League is the equivalent of Big Tobacco.
The recent wave of lawsuits filed on behalf of retired players use similar arguments made by lawyers representing smokers who sued tobacco companies for more than 15 years ago - in this case that the National Football League knew repeated concussions can cause brain damage and even conceal information.

Tobacco farmers need not fear

The letter’s author, “the WHO, tobacco farmers” (Jakarta Post, June 28) includes a lot of false information about the problem, which is misleading in the public. The entry should be set straight with facts.

Employment of GISH teenagers finds time to speak out against tobacco

It is part biography of Jackie Christensen. Christensen, who is a senior at Grand Island high in August, recently added to her resume when she was named to the board of youth leaders to No Limits. Christensen said, No Limits is a youth organization dedicated to tobacco control activities and “opposing and exposing Big Tobacco.”

Philip Morris and village from Haverstraw

Earlier this year, the village of Haverstraw, working with POW’R on Tobacco Control, took the unprecedented step of banning the retail sale of cigarettes to products in their stores, making cigarettes and cigars out of sight of customers. The basis for the decision, which is set to come into force later this year, is that it would reduce the impact of tobacco products to youth.