The proposed roil cigar industry

 Moreno said that the tobacco industry gets an unfair taxation and regulation. He is particularly concerned about what will happen to his business as the Food and Drug Administration believes additional rules on the cigar industry.

“We don’t need more regulation. Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health. It is on TV 24 hours a day.” Food and Drug Administration, which had been given the authority to regulate tobacco in 2009, family smoking prevention and tobacco control law, can rule this summer on additional restrictions on the cigar.  The Agency may impose restrictions on advertising of cigars and retail. This may require more prominent health warnings. This may dictate the size and shape of cigars that were sold. Regulators can go on and emulate Canada, cigar store where customers can not enter into the humidor. They choose from a list of cigars, which then led to them.

“You take a national treasure, if you limit us.”  Moreno said he was particularly concerned about rules that would restrict the ability of customers to choose cigar humidor. “If we go to such extremes, the cigar industry will drop dramatically,” said Moreno. “People like to look and feel. Picture does not smell. It has no connection. “That’s why we’re still here when you choose you can feel the freshness of the cigar,” he said. U.S. sales last year exceeded 107 billion tobacco dollars, but only 7.8 billion dollars have been selling cigars, according to statistics from Euromonitor International. There are 13300000 cigar smokers in the United States, in accordance with national numbers.

Those in the cigar industry tend to change in the Congress for the protection of premium hand-rolled cigars from the FDA regulate the movement say will protect the 85,000 jobs at small businesses across the country. Resolutions and House of Representatives and the Senate remains in committee. In the House, the resolution presented by U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, Republican representing the 15th District in Florida, has acquired more than 200 authors. In the Senate resolution, authored by Sen. Bill Nelson, has more than 10 authors. With regard to regulation, it is the greatest need to “put an end to the production and sale of products that have the greatest appeal to young people,” said Matt Myers, President Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. He singled out the big machine made cigars, cigar wrappers and a little tobacco, which are sold in stores at low prices and in a variety of flavors, like peach and strawberry.

“It’s very fragrant little cigars clearly disproportionate to address young people and has the potential to serve as a starter tobacco products,” Myers said. The new rules may affect smokers like Mike Orlando Lopez and his wife Crystal, all of which are relaxing with a cigar outside the King Corona cigar in Ybor on the last evening.

Mike Lopez said he did not have a problem with health warning labels on the cigar, if that’s what the Food and Drug Administration imposes. This, he said, would not change his custom to smoke a cigar once in two months. “It does not hurt to put a warning sign:” Mike Lopez said. “It’s actually not a limitation. This is a warning.” But he does not want the federal government to adopt rules for the future, he said.

“If you do not like it, you do not have to put the cigar in his mouth,” he said. “I feel like cigarettes are much worse.” Don Barco, who owns King Corona Cigars, said the industry is already doing a good job of regulating itself. He said his store employees “ID who looks younger than 30 years.”

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