Tobacco ban on public property

A new tobacco ban came into force in the division on Sunday. The policy of any bar for smoking or using any other tobacco products anywhere on campus, including sporting events.
Last year, Kimberly Swiglo could not enter into the building of the University of Oklahoma, do not walk through the cigarette smoke.

This year she hopes that will not be the case.
A new tobacco ban came into force on Sunday in the subdivision. The policy bars from smoking or using any other tobacco products anywhere on campus, including sporting events.
Swiglo, Sr., heard politicians discuss the possibility for several years, but until recently it was not convinced, nothing will ever make. When she heard this year that the policy is adopted, she was happy.

“I’m allergic to smoke, so I was very happy,” she said.
Swiglo said she had not seen any impact, since the ban came into effect, mainly because the campus is relatively empty now. But when students start to come back for the fall semester, she said, she hopes that the new policy will mean that it will no longer see a crowd of smokers gathered around the entrance to the campus buildings.

This ban is a result of the executive order signed by Governor Mary Fallin. During the State of the State address, Fallin has announced it has signed an order placing a ban on tobacco use in all state and state-leased property, including all public colleges and universities. This order came into effect on Sunday.
Fallin has accused tobacco as one of the factors contributing to poor performance of Oklahoma in the national rankings.
Disposal of units came on the heels of the Board of Regents’ vote approve a less stringent campus tobacco policy. At its January meeting, the Board approved a policy that left the two designated areas in parking lots near the Dale Hall and Lloyd Noble Center.

Ordinance to replace Fallin OU campus policy was originally adopted. Council later voted on the new policy, which has led the university in accordance with the procedures in Fallin.
Even before the state ban, several universities is limited to tobacco use. Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma State University and Division Health Sciences Center was an existing policy of tobacco on campus.

Now, when it was implemented, the campus hopes students, faculty and staff will comply with the policy voluntarily, said spokeswoman Catherine Bishop OU. Campus police may issue a written warning to anyone caught violating the ban, she said.
If voluntary compliance is not effective, the bishop said, the university will find ways to comply with the policy.
Swiglo said she thinks most people will comply with this prohibition. However, she said that it is unrealistic to expect that all on campus to pursue a policy of no real penalties to back it up.
“People will do what they want,” she said. “So what is the likelihood that people will still be smoking?”

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