Cigarette sales decreased and tobacco sales will increase

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics released Thursday that show a decrease in cigarette sales and increased sales of other tobacco products since 2000.

The report said sales of cigarettes fell by 33 percent, and other forms of tobacco has increased by 123 percent over that time.

The report was less than 1 percent overall reduction in smoking from 2010 to 2011.

Accounting Associate Pat Jensen said that he smokes and is not interested in going on mini-cigars.

“I really like the taste, because they are more careful,” Jensen said of cigarettes. ” Cloves are a lot harsher on your lungs.”

Although the alternative is cheaper, Jensen said he would continue to smoke Marlboro Gold.

Communication junior Angela Vaszily said she sometimes smokes, and neither she nor her friends have plans to switch to cheaper alternatives.

“I do not care if they are more expensive,” said Vaszily. “Do you have a brand and stick with it.”

Vaszily said she was smoking a cigar in a mini-school, but she went for cigarettes when she was in college.

Ashley Emmons, assistant manager of Admiral Discount Tobacco, 5601 Tues Saginaw Highway in Lansing, said she had never seen death in the sale of cigarettes, or an increase in sales of small cigars.

“We get our regular customers, who get what they like,” says Emmons.

She said a pack of cigarettes worth more than $ 6 a package of small cigars is about a dollar cheaper.

James Herman, medical director of Sparrow Cancer Center, said there is a mini cigarette or cigar, tobacco is still bad for your body.

“There is no difference …. When you breathe (smoke), he goes into the lungs,” said Herman. “Tobacco is tobacco. All this is bad for the lungs…. It seems that this is not so bad, but it is.”

He added that tobacco companies can say whatever they want about how filtered cigarettes and get away with it.

“They can say whatever they like,” said Herman. “It’s not illegal to lie.”

However, when Jensen smokes, he does not care about the price or health, he just wants to enjoy their work.

“If I do what I know is bad, I’ll enjoy.”

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