Monthly Archives: October 2012

Big Tobacco Companies

U.S. tobacco companies told a federal judge on Monday they should not be required to tell the public they manipulated nicotine to make cigarettes more addictive or that they have repeatedly lied about the health effects of light cigarettes.

New rules for tobacco dealers

Elders created additional hoop for future tobacco dealers to jump through, gave the city center bar owner permission to sell take-out beer and spirits, and expressed concern about the treatment of old street festival.

The tobacco of sin tax bill

British American Tobacco insists on the House of Representatives approved version of the Sin Tax Reform Bill that would provide additional revenue of P31.35 billion in the first year of implementation.

Cigarette machines into history

Rate of tobacco giant to overthrow the government of Scottish legislation to ban cigarette machines north of the border yesterday was rejected by the judges of appeal.

From the west coast to Tobacco Road

As a player under head Coach John Wooden at the University of California, Los Angeles, Larry Farmer was team captain his senior season and led the Bruins to three consecutive national championships and a NCAA record 89-1 record in three seasons. He worked as head coach at his alma mater, as well as the Weber State and Loyola University Chicago.

Managing a Changing Tobacco Category

It is not surprising that the OTP has become an important part of any successful action against tobacco. “It is a little train that could,” said David Bishop, managing partner of Barrington, I’ll.-based sales and marketing at Baylor LLC, and the moderator of the “Tobacco: Managing the Changes” educational sessions in 2012 NACS Show in Las Vegas. “And it’s getting bigger every day.”

Altria Group vs. Philip Morris

Two companies with good long-term growth potential will be considered in detail and against each other in hopes of finding a champion. At the end of the article we offer our opinion about which we think is better. The two companies in question are Altria Group (MO) and Philip Morris (PM).

Revised tobacco taxes

Asthma is not a walk in the park. I had some very annoying asthma attacks in the past few months, no thanks ridiculously unstable weather and countless smoke clouded the conference rooms and offices I had to endure recently.

Altoona Regional takes aim at tobacco

Starting the New Year’s Day, Altoona Regional Health System will not hire tobacco users and does not allow any place on its properties.