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Countries to report illegal tobacco trade in the global treaty

Today, government delegates from around the world have taken illicit trade protocol global tobacco treaty - the world’s first public health and corporate accountability treaty - but not without a fight from Big Tobacco.

Big Tobacco suits

The Quebec Court of Appeal has sided with the federal gov. in a case pitting smokers against Big Tobacco, with words that the government is not on the hook in the class action suits. The decision dated on Wednesday, repeats the principal what the Supreme Court of Canadian ruled in July 2011, Ottawa can not be used or heald for damages in smoking lawsuit.

Higher excise duty on tobacco affects farmers

Do not kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Reynolds Seeks Success in ‘Total Tobacco Space’

It is not secret cigarettes are on decline, and are still the driver key in tobacco sales. Reynolds American Inc affirmed that the devotement will continue 80% of its brand support budget and 90% of other resource on products, as Reynolds president shared on Monday’s annual Investor’s Day, the company’s efforts on smoke free tobacco products will set Reynolds for a long term success in the tobacco market.

Reynolds American touts efforts to “transform tobacco”

Reynolds American Inc. says its focus on innovation and the development of new product will allow the company to remain competitive in the face of declining smoking rates.

Tobacco manufacture attract smokers

Lung cancer rates have surged in woman after tobacco manufacture, encouraged them to smoke for staying slim and beautiful, experts say.

Telling tobacco jars from cookies jars

The first U.S. Surgeon General warnings on tobacco products were in 1964. Tobacco has been identified as harmful to your health.

Missouri tobacco tax to remain nation’s lowest

Missouri voters have rejected a measure that would have dramatically increased the state’s lowest-in-the-nation tobacco tax.

Tobacco control: the sad story of neglect

Government officials working in the field of tobacco control produced a rosy picture for submission to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, which is scheduled for the next hearing. Sue motto notice taken in view of the sluggish implementation of tobacco control decree, reliable sources informed “The News.”