Tobacco‘sin tax’ bill

About 3 thousand tobacco farmers, street vendors and cigarette factory workers protested in the front of Senate building in Pasay City to protest the propose “sin tax” which would rise cigarette tax and alcohol products.

Framer labor unions and groups from Navotas, Bulacan and Marikina gathered at the Senate at 10 a.m. As the final amendment were set inside the Senate, where five members of different labor groups entertained the crowd with songs.

Philip Morris from tobacco Corporation said about 80 representatives from farmer groups and labors attended the final debate.

‘Takatak’ boys

Some boys were given the chance to hear the arguments of lawmakers regarding the tax bill.

He added that the street vendors would be among those greatly affected by the bill’s approval.

The sin tax will increase the tobacco products price, creating domino effect in all involved trades.

He also mentioned that some cigarette factory workers can lose their job and tobacco farmers can earn less in comparison with present earnings and vendors will lose the chance to earn.

The passing bill can lead to the end of tobacco industry.

Jonathan Corpus said that he and others factory workers was advertise to work beyond normal working hours.

And what factory workers earned was enough to send their children to school.

The People’s Coalition also urged lawmakers to give immediate attention not to sin tax bill but the issues of marginalized and poor people.

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