Piedmont Flunks the Tobacco Test

Piedmont received a report card for anti-smoking policies.

e3b85187688d95e9b29c72302e32af12The grades represent a part of American Lung Association’s annual “State of Tobacco Control 2013”.The non-profit organization released reports that influenced anti-smoking law.

The association released a report from California that assigns a grade to each state, city and country on how well they are doing with tobacco control, including smoke-free environments, smoke-free housing and reducing tobacco product sale.

It is the firs year Dublin has received a grade. It was one from forty five municipalities in California that improved their store from last year. It was one from 17 manipulations in California for a earning. Twelve of those communities had “A” grades last year. The cities of Fremont and Dublin were applauded for comprehensive policies passing that protected their residents from bad effects of tobacco.

 “Counties and cities from California have always led the way with strong tobacco control policies. It is obvious to see municipalities in the area passing innovative policies that look after people from second-hand smoke and keep their products away from the kids. The grades show that the Bay Area is leader in these efforts.

On the flip side, the association gave 400 municipalities. 63% of municipalities are localities in California. That percentage is lower than in previous years. Among California’s largest cities like San Francisco, Oakland received B grade. Los Angeles was awarded a “C” while Fresno and Bakersfield were given “F” grades.

The state earned an A for its smoke-free places. After that received D for its law cigarette tax, F for falling of fund tobacco prevention and control programs. Association said that California hasn’t increased its cigarette tax since 1999, compared to the national average of $1.50 per pack.

Association noted that beside California received $70 million, they spends 15% for Disease Control and Prevention to adequately funding of tobacco prevention programs and service for to help people to quit.

According to the USA Surgeon General, the programs consist in tobacco use reduction. Every year 35 thousands of kids start smoking beside the fact that tobacco use causes 40 thousand of deaths every year. More then 18 billion in health care costs and lost their productivity.

Should Piedmont do more to discourage smoking? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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