Tobacco marketing season preps at advanced stage

Tobacco is licensed for the 2013 tobacco selling that begins next Wednesday and have intensified prepared for the marketing season.

tobacco marketingReport by Tarisai Mandizha

Tobacco Industry and Marketing told News Day that Sales Floor, Auction Floor and Premier Auction Floor had been licensed for auction conduct.

Last year there were four auction floors like Millennium Tobacco, which reportedly operational challenges.

Chinamasa said that preparations for the new marketing season reached some advantages.

“All the necessary preparation for marketing requirements have been done and were expected to have all necessary conditions for daily marketing service providing.”

Chinamasa said so far 72 000 growers had registered for the forthcoming auction season.

Boka Tobacco Auction Floors director of operations Moses Bias said Boka was more than ready for the beginning of the 2013 tobacco selling season.

“We are now ready to start,” he said.

BATF started receiving tobacco said the number of growers this season and all measures had increased and were put in place of daily operation.

“We have grown our capacity in terms of ablution restaurants, added Bias.”

“We have upgraded our communication and information to increase the processing payment speed.”

TSF exclusive chief from Washington said that the group was looking for tobacco selling season opening.

“We have put so much work ahead of this year’s tobacco selling season and despite the increase in tobacco growers, we don’t believe there would be any challenges,” he said. Matsaira said a number of contractors signed up for 2013 and the group was actively improving service provision to customers.

“We have worked a lot this year and we have made a lot of tobacco selling despite the tobacco increase, we don’t believe there

He added that tobacco grower’s scheme was targeting 2, 5 million kg for 2013 marketing season. TIMB projects 170 million kg of the golden leaf to be brought to the auction floors this season.

The tobacco industry has been on the path of recovery from 2009 when the country adopted the multi-currency system. In the 2012- 2013, was sold 144 million kg of tobacco.

Despite the increase in output, the country missed its 150 million kg target for 2012.

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